Sensitive & Caring Approach for Uniquely Abled Kid's

At Tooth Tales, we strongly believe that children of all ages with special health care needs absolutely require our special attention and treatment apart from comprehensive preventative dental care.

It is integral to their optimal health and well-being. We encourage you to bring them in early to establish a routine and make the environment less stressful for them when a dental need arises.

For children who have decay and find it difficult to tolerate dental work in a traditional manner, we offer conscious sedation(laughing gas) or IV sedation or Hospital Dentistry for ease and comfort of the child. We understand that as a parent your are already going through a lot and we genuinely wish to keep away dental issues from your to-do list.

Our pediatric dental staff is educated, experienced, trained in advanced program and is compassionate when it comes to the care of our special children with:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder & ADHD
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Down Syndrome
  • Sensory integration & Processing disorder
  • Any other developmental, cognitive and physical disabilities

We are happy to discuss options and expectations prior to your first visit. We encourage you to bring all the necessary paperwork/treatment records on first visit. Most children feel comfortable in an environment that is fun and feels familiar, so we’ve designed a play area in our office that is equipped with TVs, toys, fidget spinner and books to keep children entertained in the office.

We have also build playtime into your child’s visit and we can even schedule a “walk through” so your child can visit the office, take pictures, ride in the dental chair, touch and listen to our spinning toothbrushes and look around before it is their turn. Your special child deserves all the “special” treatment and we thoroughly understand it.

Dentistry for Medically Compromised Children

Oral diseases can have a direct and devastating impact on the health of those with certain systemic health problems or conditions. Patients with compromised immunity (i.e. leukemia, malignancies, or autoimmune disorders) or cardiac conditions associated with endocarditis may be especially vulnerable to the effects of oral diseases.

During our 1 year fellowship at SickKids Hospital, Canada for the same, we were well trained in treating children who are medically compromised. We have experience and knowledge in childhood diseases and we are comfortable communicating with pediatric medical specialist.

Our goal is to understand your child’s condition and work with their physicians to achieve optimal overall health. We also understand that your child may be more anxious due to frequent medical appointments, so we will spend the time getting your child comfortable and confident with our office and we wish to keep your child’s visits more fun and of preventive in nature.