Lasers in Soft Tissue Healing

At Tooth Tales, apart from treating tongue-ties, we use soft tissue diode laser for healing of intraoral lesions like lip bite, ulcers, sores, stomatitis, herpetic-like lesions or Riga-fede disease.

Our specialized laser from Canada is one of the most contemporary one which reduce postsurgical pain and allowing the inflammatory response to start earlier resulting in better and faster healing.

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Lasers are now an integral part of  contemporary root canal treatments be it pulp capping procedures, pulpotomies, pulpectomies or any other extensive root Canal procedure. The laser aid in reduction of postop pain and inflammation and reduced need of post operative painkillers.


Accidental injuries to anterior primary teeth are quite common in young children. The result of dental trauma may often result in pulpal death, tooth discoloration, and possibly future infection and damage to developing permanent teeth. Photobiomodulating (PBM) effect of lasers has been shown to be extremely beneficial in these cases.


Low-level lasers are a subset of the laser family that elicits a cellular response from the cell, as opposed to a photothermal effect, resulting in improved healing, pain reduction and a reduction in inflammation be it during restorative dental procedures and they often eliminate the need for a local anesthetic during restorative dental procedures. A tooth being treated is not numb, however the ability of the body to recognize or feel pain appears to be significantly reduced.