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Saving the Grace, Early age pediatric dental trauma management under NOOIS (Laughing gas)

Children are full of energy, and hence their activities are. Sometimes this boundless energy and certain activity can lead to accidents that may involve orofacial trauma. A broken tooth is of the common dental emergencies we have seen reported at our center.

Precise and correct treatment of this condition is crucial to ensure a healthy oral cavity and proper growth of the child's jaw and teeth. Tooth tales is a proud member of the Indian society of Dental Traumatology and follows international guidelines in trauma cases to ensure a high standard of care for your child at the center.

Please do watch this video illustrating the treatment in one such condition. It also includes a therapeutic treatment of demineralized teeth to avoid early childhood caries. The strategy includes the use of SDF and fluoride varnish. Watch this video to know more.

Please do watch this video to know more.

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