Brushing Calendar - a great way to help a child build healthy habits

Print this brushing calendar and hang it in your child’s bedroom or in the bathroom where your child brushes their teeth. Please ensure the height of this chart should be at the eye level of your child.

  1. After your child brushes their teeth in the morning and evening, ask them to mark the calendar. 
  2. Challenge your child to fill the whole calendar without misses for one complete month.
  3. Once the calendar is full, celebrate by treating your child to their favorite food, or buying a new toothbrush of their favorite color, or taking them out for some activity or anything your child loves to do.

Using a brushing calendar is a great way to help a child build healthy habits…and motivate them to continue! 

Upload the Calendar

Please upload the scanned copy or image (can be taken from your mobile device) of the filled calendar for our records.