Laughing Gas/Conscious/Nitrous Oxide Oxygen inhalational sedation

Most children feel comfortable when visiting the dentist if prepared well by the parents. Early exposure to the dentist helps younger patients to associate the dental office with feeling of relaxation.

Some children however, may feel nervous before their visit or while sitting in the dental chair. Sometimes they need more than gentle care to feel relaxed. Nitrous gas is a safe sedative used to help your child relax during the dental visit while allowing the doctor to effectively treat your child.

It is a blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide. Before the procedure a fitted mask is placed over your child’s nose and as they breathe, the blend is absorbed through the lungs. The use of nitrous gas is very safe as it is rapidly absorbed, is reversible, and can be adjusted in concentration.

Your child is fully conscious and keeps all of their natural reflexes while absorbing the nitrous gas, so we don’t have to confuse it with unconsciousness or general anesthesia. At the end of every visit with nitrous oxide, 100% oxygen is administered for 5 minutes in order to completely flush the body of the gas. The child will leave his or her appointment completely free of nitrous oxide and its effects.

WHY NOIS for my Child?

  • No child is fearful from the beginning. Its their experiences which makes them the same over the time. At Tooth Tales, while treating young ones, we try not making fearful adults. NOIS really helps us in same.
  • While doing the procedure, a reduction of untoward movement and it can help to decrease pain and sensitivity.
  • It can also help children reduce their gag reflex, in turn making it easier for them to tolerate dental instruments in their mouths
  • They are able to fully respond to questions and react to stimuli.
  • Once getting used to it, their behavior dramatically is more stable and pleasant and they are very helpful for subsequent visits.

Tooth Tales is leading center in the country which has centralized sedation services and is known for the same both among parents, doctors and scientific community. The doctors frequently conduct continuing education programs on same all over the country. We are proud to be one of the very few in this country to do this in best possible way.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Another alternative for helping nervous children relax is the use of Oral conscious sedation. When your child becomes so anxious that cooperating even for a mask becomes difficult for them, oral sedation is an option.

Oral conscious sedation is a method in which medications are used to help your child relax during the dental visit and allow the doctor to effectively treat your child. Oral conscious sedation tend to produce feelings of drowsiness and relaxation and are not meant to make your child unconscious.

Sedation is also a way to for the dentist to provide more effective treatment along with preventing that may result from uncontrolled movements in an anxious, uncooperative child.

When administered according to the sedation guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry by a pediatric dentist, sedation is a safe, effective option. We decide for this modality depending upon treatment needs, child’s behavior and parental expectations.

Hospital Dentistry

Hospital Dentistry or General anesthesia may be needed in children that are very young, children with special health care needs, and/or children that do not cooperate for treatment using nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation.

General anesthesia will be provided by an anesthesiologist whose sole responsibility is to keep your child safe, while we focus on rendering your child’s dental treatment. This would be same as if he/she was having tonsils removed or any other emergent/non emergent surgery.

We understand that any hospital procedure is taken with lot of skepticism especially in Indian scenario but we have to understand that we are talking in best interest of your child and these procedures are done in hundreds of number all across the world each day.

At Tooth Tales, we have a very streamlined and developed protocol for the same and we do a thorough counselling of each and every anticipated step. The safety of your child is of utmost significance for which we have our established protocols, our work quality and our continued commitment for good oral health of your child.